Working with Dr. Catrise Austin in her monthly The Fame Formula™️ Coaching program offers several benefits that go beyond the online course. In the coaching program, you'll have direct access to Dr. Austin, who is a renowned expert in celebrity branding and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. You'll receive personalized guidance, feedback, and support from Dr. Austin.

Additionally, the program offers the opportunity to network and make valuable connections with other entrepreneurs and influencers in the industry, which can lead to new business opportunities and collaborations. 

Overall, the coaching program provides a more immersive and collaborative experience that can help you achieve your goals faster and with more confidence than taking the online course alone.

For many busy entrepreneurs like you, attempting to implement all five of these strategies single-handedly could result in unfinished work and leave you in the same position as you currently are.

If you desire guaranteed outcomes it's time to hit the easy button....

1:1 Fame Formula Blueprint Planning
Coaching Day:

We'll kick off your VIP Platinum Experience Membership by creating a celebrity entrepreneur customized blueprint just for you during a live 1:1 Fame Formula Blueprint Coaching Day with Dr. Catrise Austin in New York City!

Your Goals & Vision
Your Brand Message
Your Perfect Client
Your Irresistible Sales Offer
Your Traction Strategy
How to Get Noticed, Build Your Influence, and Make Money On Social Media
Initial Podcast Setup & Production
1 eBook to Promote Your Business Product or Service
Your Elevator Pitch
Your 1st Media Pitch
Your Dream 100 Networking Strategy
Your Celebrity Branding and Collaboration Strategy

Meet Dr. Saad, One of My Recent Fame Formula Success Stories


Dr. Radwa Saad is a rising celebrity dentist.  With my help, Dr. Saad has been able to have the Grand Opening & Ribbon cutting of her brand new New Jersey Dental Office publish in local & national media. 

We also took a trip over to Hollywood for an A List Hollywood event that she sponsored and networked with the celebrities of her dreams. 

But that's just the beginning - get ready to unlock even more exclusive benefits as a member of our elite community of successful entrepreneurs

As part of your VIP Platinum Experience Membership, you'll also gain access to my team of expert Fame Formula professionals who will work closely with you to bring your celebrity entrepreneur blueprint to life. With their specialized knowledge and hands-on approach, you'll receive the support you need to get noticed and build your brand.

Marketing Automation Planning and Coaching Session:

You'll meet with my personal marketing director Kae Whitaker to discuss your internet marketing and sales automation strategy to help you find your target market, nurture them, and convert them into loyal repeat customers!

Reels Workshop: Create High Performing Reels with Monty Lans

The technical side of reels (What the buttons are)

The science of a reel (What makes a reel perform well)

Simple, yet effective reel ideas for any niche

How to do cool hooks and transitions that capture and sustain your audience's attention.

How to find trending audios and make trends relevant to your niche

How to batch reels content for the week

Pitch Without Fear Coaching Sessions

The Pitching Expert & certified life coach and pitch coach with over ten years of experience. His superpower is transforming the shy and introverted into pitching powerhouses. Michael has a BA in Communications and resides in Northern New Jersey with his wife and three children.

Access to the
"Never Settle Academy" with Mario Armstrong

Learn the strategies and tools you need to get brand sponsorship money.

I have personally secured over $3 million in brand sponsorships, from brands like Capital One, Ford, Wix, AT&T, Zenni, Target, and more.

I am serious about your success, and getting your dream ideas funded through brand sponsorships. In this course, I'll teach you everything I know.

Here's What You'll Receive Monthly

When you join the Fame Formula Coaching Program you also get access to the following monthly deliverables from Dr. Austin

Monthly Group Coaching Session
1 Monthly Blog Post
1 Podcast Script
1 Personalized Monthly Social Media Content Calendar
1 Press Release about your product or service that we will distribute to the media on your behalf
1 News Segment idea for you to pitch to your local journalist 
Monthly leads to corporate and celebrity sponsorship opportunities
Monthly leads to journalist who are looking to book you
Monthly Guest Speaker Presentations 

Here's What You'll Be Responsible For

Here's a look at what your monthly commitment will be when you join the Fame Formula Coaching Program

Approve content ideas for your brand
Create the content that Dr. Catrise Austin provides to you in the form of Social Media Posts, Podcast, and Videos.
Respond to journalist email request for guest experts to feature in a timely manner
Show up for the monthly Fame Formula Mastermind Meetings

Meet Dr. Farokh Jiveh, Another One of Our Success Stories

Sherrine Washington Placed in Founder Magazine in her first two weeks of working with Dr. Austin!


Access to The Fame Formula Vault


Automatic Enrollment in Our Exclusive 2023 Media Speed Dating Event on Aug 3rd & 4th in New York City

CONFIRMED OUTLETS: Drew Barrymore Producer, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Good Morning America

Limited to 12 attendees total, first Fame Formula Mastermind Members to enroll have the greatest chance for securing one of these highly coveted spots.

You'll Get An Opportunity to Pitch Contributing Editors for Entreprenuer Magazine 

Attending a media and marketing speed dating event where you can pitch contributing editors to magazines like Entrepreneur Magazine & TV Producers can provide immense benefits for building your celebrity brand. 

By participating in this event, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your business and products to influential writers in the industry, potentially leading to valuable media coverage and exposure. 

This can help increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately boost your sales. 

Additionally, networking with other entrepreneurs and media professionals at the event can provide valuable insights and connections that can help you grow your business in the long run. 

So, if you're looking to take your business to the next level, attending this speed dating event is a must-do for any entrepreneur serious about media and marketing.

1 Year Membership to Marco Polo Plus

Again, this is only for serious people who are ready to accelerate  the process with me, an Awards Winning Celebrity Entrepreneur and one of rising trainers in business that is walking on this same journey. That's why I was just featured on page 14 of the January/February 2022 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine! I MEAN BUSINESS and I want to HELP YOU BECOME A CELEBRITY IN YOUR INDUSTRY!

With my own busy schedule and just a limited number of slots available for our live media events this year, I only have room to take on 12 VIP Platinum Experience Members. First come, first served! Once it fills up, and it will (trust me), the VIP Platinum Experience Membership will be blocked and you'll be added to the waitlist. So APPLY TODAY!

Here are some testimonials of a few of my clients:


Dr. Darwin Hayes

Working with Dr. Austin helped me to broaden and expand my brand completely!


New Jersey, USA

Dr. Carla Pontes

"You have no idea how much attention I've attracted from your teachings.  It's like a ripple effect!"


South Africa

 Dr. Tiffanie Garrison-Jeter

Thank you for what you create and making it affordable.  You could charge so much more!


Tennessee, USA

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