Welcome to the world of Celebrity Branding with yours truly, Celebrity Entrepreneur Dr. Catrise Austin. 

With a legacy of building a valuable celebrity dental practice in 1998 and then selling it to a big dental chain in 2017, I now lead a celebrity branding, content marketing, and Lead Generation agency to help entrepreneurs just like you “hit the easy button” to build a valuable well known brand too. 

I want to help you dive into The Fame Formula™️, my proven 5-key strategy for brand monetization. You’ll gain actionable insights on starting a brand, social media strategies, book and podcast launching, getting booked in the media, and strategic networking. 

Discover how to stand out, attract ideal clients, and claim industry authority. This transformative journey will help you unlock your brand identity, empower your target audience to become raving fans, and enthusiastically say “YES!” to your offers!

For many busy entrepreneurs like you, attempting to implement all five of these strategies single-handedly could result in unfinished work and leave you in the same position as you currently are.

If you desire guaranteed outcomes it's time to hit the easy button....

Here's How It Works

Every month we'll have a single objective to accomplish that will help you tackle the 5 strategies I've created to help you become a celebrity brand.  Every month, there will be work that we will accomplish TOGETHER, and there will also be work that you'll be responsible for accomplishing on your own.  

Below you'll find an overview of what we'll do together, followed by what you'll have to accomplish on your own. 

Month 1: Setting The Stage For Your Brand

We’ll kick off your branding journey by laying the foundation for your future celebrity brand. 

For 4 weeks you’ll work 1-1 with Dr. Catrise Austin to define or redefine your brand in order to help you discover your brand message, attract a niche audience, create irresistible sales offers, collaborate with influencers, and maintain consistency for lasting success. 

Setting the stage will help you prepare to monetize your business and stand out from the competition.

During Our Month 1 Coaching We Will Accomplish:

Celebrity Branding Website Audit
Celebrity Branding Influencer Audit
Baseline Business and Media Stats
Social Media Profile Audit
Competitor Analysis
Expert Content Positioning Game Plan
Local Niche Target Audience Analysis
Hooks, Messaging, and Core Offers
Weekly 1-1 Coaching Calls
Monthly Print Media Leads
Monthly Podcast Guest Leads
Monthly Guest Speaker Leads
Includes home video training and workbook.

Create a strong recognizable brand that sets you apart from your competitors and attracts the right customers. Enhance your knowledge about how you can define what your brand stands for and what message you want to communicate to your customers.

Month 2: Maximize and Monetize Your Social Media

Month 2, is all about establishing a strong presence on social media. You’ll gain valuable insights and tips on which social media channels you should be using to build your community, how to avoid common social media mistakes, how to best connect with your niche target audience, and how to create the right type of content with call to actions.

The goal is to help you learn insider secrets on how you can use social media and the multiple distribution channels available to help you reach a larger audience, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and ultimately, drive more revenue for your business.

During Our Month 2 Coaching We Will Accomplish:

Social Media Goals and Objectives
Social Media Profile Review or Set Up
Podcast like a Pro Podcast Set-Up
Blog Content For SEO Set-Up
Identify Potential Strategic Partners/Social Media Collaborators
Weekly 1-1 Coaching Calls
Monthly Guest Speaker Webinar
Monthly Content Creation Ideas Calendar
Monthly Print Media Leads
Monthly Podcast Guest Leads
Monthly Guest Speaker Leads
1 Blog Post
Includes home video training and workbook.
Discovery Call With My Social Media Team
Discovery Call With My Marketing Automation Team

Month 3:
E-Books For Profit

Writing a book is a great way for entrepreneurs to brand their business, increase their credibility, and reach a wider audience. That’s why to date, I’m on my 8th book! So why wait? Watch and follow videos that demonstrate my exact step by step book writing process to help you start writing your book and finally become the author you’ve been dreaming of becoming.

Transform ideas into revenue. We’ll help you learn how to craft compelling ebooks that sell, attract your niche, and monetize your expertise, product, or service.

During Our Month 3 Coaching We Will Accomplish:

E-book Hot Topic Title
Custom Ebook Cover
E-book Manuscript
E-book Editing
E-book Layout and Formatting
E-book Publishing on Amazon
E-book Marketing and New Client Acquisition Strategy
Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions
Monthly Content Creation Ideas Calendar
Monthly Guest Speaker Webinar
Monthly Print Media Leads
Monthly Podcast Guest Leads
Monthly Guest Speaker Leads
1 Blog Post
1 Podcast Script
1 Video Script
Includes home video training and workbook.
Discovery Call With My Social Media Team
Discovery Call With My Marketing Automation Team

Month 4:
The Magic of Media

Boost Your Business Visibility and Elevate Your Brand By Getting Booked In The Media! 

You could consider working with a PR firm to help you get media coverage but that could cost you up to $5,000-$7000/month! 

Instead, I’m going to teach you exactly how to save a little money by reaching out to the media yourself and how to pitch your print media, tv, and radio segment ideas to get you BOOKED!

During Our Month 4 Coaching We Will Accomplish:

Hot Topic Media Pitch Ideas
500 Media E-Pitches to journalists who book experts for media appearances and speaking engagements to get you booked.
Media Magnitizer Progress Reports
Create Your Unique Positioning Statement
Prepare For Media Publicity: One Sheets
Prepare For Media Publicity: Media Kit Preparation (does not include cost of media kit)
Prepare For Media Publicity: Media Demo Reel Preparation (does not include cost of demo reel)
Prepare For Media Publicity: 1 Press Release distribution
Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions
Monthly Guest Speaker Webinar
Monthly Print Media Leads
Monthly Podcast Guest Leads
Monthly Guest Speaker Leads
1 Blog Post
1 Podcast Script
1 Video Script
Includes home video training and workbook.
Discovery Call With Our Local TV Booking Team
Discovery Call With Our National TV Booking Team

Month 5: Networking, Pitch, and Seal The Deal

Networking and making connections with influencers and celebrities is essential to monetizing your brand and attracting new clients. 

Landing a music legend as my first celebrity client in the first year of my business in 1998 helped open even more doors and completely changed my life. 

In today’s digital age, the power of social proof and endorsement is more important than ever. By leveraging the popularity of influencers and celebrities, you can give your brand the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd.

During Our Month 5 Coaching We Will Accomplish:

30-60 Second Elevator Pitch
Create Your Dream Networking List
Create Your Networking Marketing Strategy
Create Your Local Celebrity Hotspot List
Prepare For Brand Sponsorship: Influencer One Sheet
Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions
Monthly Guest Speaker Webinar
Monthly Print Media Leads
Monthly Podcast Guest Leads
Monthly Guest Speaker Leads
Monthly Sponsorship Leads
1 Blog Post
1 Podcast Script
1 Video Script
Includes home video training and workbook.
Discovery Call With Our Pitch Expert
Discovery Call With Our Brand Sponsorship Expert

Month 6:
Tying Up Loose Ends

During Our Month 6 Coaching We Will Accomplish:

Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions
Monthly Guest Speaker Webinar
Monthly Print Media Leads
Monthly Podcast Guest Leads
Monthly Guest Speaker Leads
Monthly Sponsorship Leads
1 Blog Post
1 Podcast Script

Coaching is a two way relationship that will also require some input from you as the client, here's a look at what you'll be responsible for during the course of our relationship.

Here's What You'll Be Responsible For Monthly

Approve content ideas for your brand
Create the content that Dr. Catrise Austin provides to you in the form of Social Media Posts, Podcast, and Videos.
Respond to journalist email request for guest experts to feature in a timely manner
Attend all monthly Fame Formula Mastermind Meetings
Attend weekly Fame Formula Coaching Sessions
Attend monthly Guest Masterclass Sessions

Meet Dr. Saad, One of My Recent Fame Formula Success Stories


Dr. Radwa Saad is a rising celebrity dentist.  With my help, Dr. Saad has been able to have the Grand Opening & Ribbon cutting of her brand new New Jersey Dental Office publish in local & national media. 

We also took a trip over to Hollywood for an A List Hollywood event that she sponsored and networked with the celebrities of her dreams. 

Here are the ultimate transformations that you will experience after our 6 months coaching sessions

Global Authority and Impactful Presence:

Attain global influence by leveraging podcasting for a wide-reaching audience.
Cultivate an impactful online presence, positioning as a thought leader.


Monetize expertise through compelling lead magnets like e-books, news articles, blogs, presentations, and your podcast resulting in consistent revenue streams.
Implement proven strategies to boost sales, ensuring sustained business growth.

Expert Presentations:

Transform book content into captivating live presentations and webinars.
Develop polished presentation skills for commanding the stage with confidence.

Business Transformation

Receive personalized coaching across multiple facets of business development from me and my rock-star team of experts.
Achieve a holistic transformation, from brand identity to revenue generation.

Brand Presence:

Establish a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your target audience.
Achieve brand dominance through strategic positioning and messaging and crush your competition.

But that's just the beginning - get ready to unlock even more exclusive benefits as a member of our elite community of successful entrepreneurs

As part of your VIP Platinum Experience Membership, you'll also gain access to my team of expert Fame Formula professionals who will work closely with you to bring your celebrity entrepreneur blueprint to life. With their specialized knowledge and hands-on approach, you'll receive the support you need to get noticed and build your brand.

Marketing Automation Planning and Coaching Session:

You'll meet with my personal marketing director Kae Whitaker to discuss your internet marketing and sales automation strategy to help you find your target market, nurture them, and convert them into loyal repeat customers!

Reels Workshop: Create High Performing Reels with Monty Lans

The technical side of reels (What the buttons are)

The science of a reel (What makes a reel perform well)

Simple, yet effective reel ideas for any niche

How to do cool hooks and transitions that capture and sustain your audience's attention.

How to find trending audios and make trends relevant to your niche

How to batch reels content for the week

Pitch Without Fear Coaching Sessions

The Pitching Expert & certified life coach and pitch coach with over ten years of experience. His superpower is transforming the shy and introverted into pitching powerhouses. Michael has a BA in Communications and resides in Northern New Jersey with his wife and three children.

Access to the
"Never Settle Academy" with Mario Armstrong

Learn the strategies and tools you need to get brand sponsorship money.

I have personally secured over $3 million in brand sponsorships, from brands like Capital One, Ford, Wix, AT&T, Zenni, Target, and more.

I am serious about your success, and getting your dream ideas funded through brand sponsorships. In this course, I'll teach you everything I know.

Meet Dr. Farokh Jiveh, Another One of Our Success Stories

Sherrine Washington Placed in Founder Magazine in her first two weeks of working with Dr. Austin!


Access to The Fame Formula Vault

1 Year Membership to Marco Polo Plus

Again, this is only for serious people who are ready to accelerate  the process with me, an Awards Winning Celebrity Entrepreneur and one of rising trainers in business that is walking on this same journey. That's why I was just featured on page 14 of the January/February 2022 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine! I MEAN BUSINESS and I want to HELP YOU BECOME A CELEBRITY IN YOUR INDUSTRY!

I only have room to take on 12 VIP Platinum Experience Members. First come, first served! Once it fills up, and it will (trust me), the VIP Platinum Experience Membership will be blocked and you'll be added to the waitlist. So APPLY TODAY!

Here are a few more testimonials from some our my clients:


Dr. Darwin Hayes

Working with Dr. Austin helped me to broaden and expand my brand completely!


New Jersey, USA

Dr. Carla Pontes

"You have no idea how much attention I've attracted from your teachings.  It's like a ripple effect!"


South Africa

 Dr. Tiffanie Garrison-Jeter

Thank you for what you create and making it affordable.  You could charge so much more!


Tennessee, USA

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