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Crush your competition and become a sought after celebrity brand by learning insider Brand Building, Book Publishing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Networking Secrets from a 25 year veteran celebrity entrepreneur! 

learn how to create a celebrity brand

Do you Want to Know what it takes to stand out and create a celebrity brand?

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly striving for business growth. Everyday we find ourselves on the quest to stand out from our competition, to attract more ideal customers, to deliver top notch products or services, and to earn higher revenue-preferably working smarter and not harder so that we don’t burn out, we continue to love what we do, and we actually have fun doing it. 

To achieve this, we must be strategic. That’s why I believe that every entrepreneur should be a “celebrity” or well known!

I focus on 5 key areas to help you build a celebrity brand

Sometimes we all get lost and just need a helping hand to point us in the right direction.

You have to create the right brand message and make the rounds on social media, podcasts, TV shows, events, and your brand has to be all over the web to get discovered. The strategy make sense right? Besides, the world needs you! More visibility means more credibility, brand recognition, clients and sales.

Strategy 1: Setting the Stage for Your Celebrity Brand

Create a strong recognizable brand that sets you apart from your competitors and attracts the right customers. Enhance your knowledge about how you can define what your brand stands for and what message you want to communicate to your customers. With my videos and workbooks, you can start attracting a niche targeted audience and discover how to make an irresistible sales offer that they simply can't refuse.


Strategy 2: Maximizing & monetize your Social Media

Gain valuable insights and tips on how you can avoid common social media mistakes and strategically build a strong online presence.

Learn insider secrets on how you can use social media and the multiple distribution channels available to help you reach a larger audience, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and ultimately, drive more revenue for your business.


Strategy 3: EBooks to Profits

Writing a book is a great way for entrepreneurs to brand their business, increase their credibility, and reach a wider audience. That’s why to date, I’m on my 7th book! So why wait? Watch and follow videos that demonstrate my exact step by step book writing process to help you start writing your book and finally become the author you’ve been dreaming of becoming.


Strategy 4: The Magic of Media

Boost Your Business Visibility and Elevate Your Brand By Getting Booked In The Media! You could consider working with a PR firm to help you get media coverage but that could cost you up to $5,000-$7000/month! Instead, I’m going to teach you exactly how to save a little money by reaching out to the media yourself and how to pitch your print media, tv, and radio segment ideas to get you BOOKED!


Strategy 5: Network, Pitch & Seal the Deal

Networking and making connections with influencers and celebrities is essential to monetizing your brand and attracting new clients. Landing a music legend as my first celebrity client in the first year of my business in 1998 helped open even more doors and completely changed my life. In today’s digital age, the power of social proof and endorsement is more important than ever. By leveraging the popularity and influence of influencers and celebrities, you can give your brand the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd. 


I would love to help you build your celebrity brand!

Dr. catrise austin

A proven system that works (here's the proof!)

Dr. Darwin Hayes

Working with Dr. Austin helped me to broaden and expand my brand completely!


Carla Pontes

"You have no idea how much attention I've attracted from your teachings. It's like a ripple effect!"

Dental Writer

Tiffany Garrison-Jeter

Thank you for what you create and making it affordable. You could charge so much more!


Charmaine Moore

It was truly a pleasure meeting you and hearing you speak today!! Your talk really inspired me to think BIGGER and to upgrade my Brand. Thank You

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Dr. catrise austin

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Welcome To Let’s Talk Celebrity Branding!

Welcome To Let’s Talk Celebrity Branding!

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Click the button below to download my complimentary eBook, "From Startup to Bestseller", and learn the strategies I use in my own business to self publish my own books and make them a best seller.

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