Recently in Chicago, I had the privilege of joining industry pros at Becker Health Care “The Future of Dentistry Roundtable” 🗣

On my panel, we focused on the topic of “The Most Important Areas for Dentists and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) to Invest." We delved into 3 key areas of investment:

1. Investing in People: Your team is the heart of your practice. Supporting their growth and continuous learning is the path to excellence.

2. Embracing and Investing in AI Tools: The future is all about technology, and Artificial Intelligence is transforming diagnostics and patient care.

3. Investing in Branding for Success: Navigating the dynamic landscape of dentistry, your brand should take center stage. I delved into The Fame Formula's effective strategies, such as crafting an engaging brand message, connecting with your target audience, leveraging social media's influence and finding the social media rockstar in your practice, maintaining up-to-date website content on a monthly basis, developing irresistible lead magnets, and the significance of media exposure.

The call to action was clear: Invest in your brand, your team, and cutting-edge technologies. Follow these tips and your practice will have a first class ticket to a successful future! 🚀

Stay tuned for more insights and updates!

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