Hey there, it's Dr. Catrise Austin! I'm back again to chat with you about what's happening in the social media universe. Today, we're sizing up Instagram Threads and Twitter. Did you hear? Instagram Threads just blew everyone's mind by roping in a whopping 100 million sign-ups in just five days. Crazy, right? So, how does it stack up to our old friend, Twitter? Buckle up, and let's get into it!

Post Length

First things first, let's talk about the room you get to express yourself. Threads gives you a pretty spacious 500 characters per post - perfect for when you're in the mood to share a bit more. But Twitter? It's all about getting straight to the point, limiting you to a mere 280 characters. It's like Twitter's nudging us to be poets in the modern age!

Links, Photos, and Videos

Now, we all know how much we love sharing links, photos, and videos, right? Both Threads and Twitter are with us on this one. You can pop links into your posts on either platform, giving them that extra zing.

Let's talk video length. Threads lets you share a nice long 5 minutes of video content, whereas Twitter lets you upload clips of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Although, there's a catch: Twitter does give you more time and some video editing perks if you've got the Twitter Blue service or if you're a verified organization.

Verification and Post Management

We're all about that blue tick of verification, aren't we? It gives us credibility and trust. So here's the deal - both platforms offer verification, but Threads does it through Instagram, and Twitter makes it available via its Twitter Blue service and to certain verified organizations.
About managing your posts, you can delete them on both platforms - no fuss. But when it comes to editing your posts after they're up? Threads hasn't got that feature yet. Twitter, though, lets you do so but only if you've got that Twitter Blue service.

Direct Messaging and Other Features

One thing you need to know: Threads doesn't do Direct Messaging. So, all your chatting will be out in the open unless you take it to the comments of a specific thread.
Now, if you're into trending stories and using hashtags, you'd probably lean more towards Twitter. It's a pro at that. Threads, however, doesn't offer these features.


So here's the lowdown. Instagram Threads and Twitter each have their unique strengths. Threads is great if you're after a more intimate, customizable space for sharing more detailed content. Twitter, on the other hand, is the king of broad, public chatter with its bite-sized posts and its flair for trending topics.

As a professional, it's key to understand these differences and make the most out of each platform.

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Till we meet again, keep shining!

Dr. Catrise Austin.

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